In case you have been hiding in a cave, there’s a bit of a financial rumbling from the media. Projections show a recession is quite possible in the next year or so. What does that mean for someone who wants to be a good steward of their money, and trust God at the same time?

Girl in Depression

We’ve based our encouragement on Psalms 46:

God is our refuge and strength,

A very present help in recession and all forms of financial troubles.

Therefore, we are declaring we will not fear. We are steady as a rock.

Even though the stock market might fail,

And though our investments are carried into the midst of the sea (literally);

Though Wall Street might roar and be troubled,

Though the job market might be shaky,

 Our own financial picture might even be quite uncertain, but our blessings are based on our trust in God and obedience to give and steward well. No one else gets to determine our blessings, not even the economy.

If we live as citizens of Heaven, then our foundation is secure regardless of what is happening in the world.  That doesn’t excuse us from stewarding our money well.  We should be diligent to build an emergency fund, live on less than we make, and give regardless of the news around us.  After all, faith without works is dead (James 2:17).   However, don’t forget about faith!  God is our source and not our jobs.  Jesus is our security, not the government or stock market.  The Holy Spirit gives us peace as we navigate our daily lives!  You can find more practical wisdom for doing these things in our book Doing Money God’s Way.

Personal Declaration for today: I’ll take a holy pause and praise my God rather than worry. I’ll be a good steward and rest in Him. Praise will be my posture. He will be my guide. He’s got this!




Doing Money God's Way