Do you find that finances are a headache in ministry? God can make your ministry completely debt-free. That’s exactly what happened to George Muller. And get this, he received every penny for his ministry without asking another human for money. He had one strategy: prayer. He believed asking God to provide and trusting He would do it was all he needed to do to fund his ministry.

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19

Muller is known for building many orphanages and caring for thousands of orphans during the 1800s in Bristol, England. One night while praying he heard, “Open thy mouth wide and I will fill it,” (found in Psalms 81:10).

This became Muller’s experiment in faith. He only funded ministry through prayer and he wanted the world to see God do the miraculous.

Estimates report he received well over $14 million in today’s dollars over time,  just to build the orphanages. This does not even include everything else sent in for the care of the children and other needs. Some donations were large, but many were very small sums. Most were just ordinary people responding to God’s voice to help fund what Mueller was called to do. Some of the funds came well in advance and some came not a second too soon, but every single need was met on time. This was all in response to prayer.

Thousands of lives were changed because Muller trusted God. As a result of his faith, his foundation is still intact today, over a century after his passing, with the same method of funding. His workers were also instructed to never ask anyone for the money needed for ministry. George Muller left quite a legacy and prayer was his biggest asset.

Time and again he made it his practice, alongside his wife, to seek the Lord for needs and wait in faith to see ministry provided for without debt or pleading for money. They were the recipients of numerous miracles when needs were met just in time, without asking anyone else. How many lives were changed because of this “faith experiment” for a debt-free ministry?

Do we do the Lord an injustice when we don’t allow Him the opportunity to provide for us?

We aren’t saying that fundraising and gathering support are bad practices, but are they the only ones we use?  The Apostle Paul also encouraged the church to give in 2 Corinthians 8.  Are we more inclined to try to figure it out on our own with our methods (or debt), as well as plead with others, before we talk to God and wait on His provision in faith?

While every ministry will not look identical to that of George Muller, would our stories have more of the Lord’s handprint on them if we allowed room for God to move more frequently in our ministries and personal lives? His plans are bigger than we can dream of! The world could stand to hear more miraculous stories of God’s perfect timing and faithfulness to meet our needs. What if we haven’t been giving Him space to work? In addition, how much pressure would be relieved from our financial situation if we prayed in faith and waited on God to move in our ministries without debt? Malachi 3 provides promises in the lives of believers who will trust God with their finances.

It is possible to do all the ministry God has called you to do debt-free.

Stand on this in good times and bad! He has a plan and He is still writing miraculous stories in the lives of those who will trust Him fully, so don’t give up! You can find more encouragement for how God wants to change your mind about your money and funding your ministry in this article! Debt-free ministry is possible!

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