Doing Money God's Way

By Jason and Kristel Finns

Financially Free for a Purpose

Kingdom Focused

“Doing Money God’s Way” is written with a God-centered focus that emphasizes sowing into His Kingdom while experiencing the joy of financial freedom.

Practical Advice

From how to prioritize a budget to understanding investments, the book is full of straightforward practical direction

Personal & Real

Jason and Kristel call upon their experiences–from mishaps to successes–to present an exciting picture of financially liberated living.


“If you use money (and who doesn’t?) then this book will help you become a wiser steward of the resources that God has given you. It is full of PRACTICAL steps and encouragement to achieve any financial goal.”
Amazon Reader and Doing Money God's Way class attendee

“As a Pastor and Christian leader, I found (this book) easy to read and comprehensible.  It is goal driven and explanatory… a must read… and must be shared with leaders, churches, and the Body of Christ as a whole!”
Rev. Joemarie G. Sulmaca, Sr.

Ministry Director, Restoration Life Ministries International - Philippines

“I truly enjoyed reading Doing Money God’s Way. It was very revealing and practical. I am using it as a study book. Thanks so much for the good work and revelation.”
Amazon Reader

Your Money & God’s Heart

Doing Money God’s Way presents a divine intersection between the Kingdom of God and your money. While living with no debt and having a bright retirement on the horizon are noble aspirations, is there more? Should Christians view their money differently than the world? In Doing Money God’s Way we will delve into the journey toward financial freedom prescribed in scripture. We’ll discuss marriage, budgeting, paying off debt and giving. We will show you how the scriptures not only support these endeavors; they prescribe a method for attaining them. Along the way we will also answer the question of “why.”

  • Why should we sacrifice to be financially free?
  • Why should Christians view money differently?
  • Why is money one of the tools God uses to accomplish His purpose on the earth?

The answers go far beyond dollars and cents. They reach into the heart of something much more important. They reveal key strategies God is using to reach those who do not know Him.


Doing Money God’s Way Webinar

Is money an obstacle on the path to achieving your dream?  Have you ever tried to budget but gotten off track?  Have you ever felt like there is more month than money?  There are keys that will revolutionize your approach to money, help you stick to a budget and get out of debt. Seven step programs, budgeting software and the like will have only limited success without this understanding.  Everyday people can become financially free!  Let us show you how to master your money so that your life doesn’t have to be about money.

Doing Money God's Way